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Sagami Pale Ale by Koganei Shuzo

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Sagami Pale Ale is a 4.5% American style pale ale from Koganei Shuzo, who are better known as Sagami Beer. The original Sagami Pale Ale featured a different water profile before the usage of locally sourced water from the Tanzawa mountain range. It is always brewed exclusively with American Cascade hops too.

Sagami Pale Ale

Lurid pink means Sagami Pale Ale stands out a mile on the shelf.

Sagami Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

I have to admit that Sagami Beer, even though it is a local brewery for me, has never been high on my radar due to having Atusgi Beer just around the corner and also Brimmer Beer too. Whenever I’ve been in a shop and seen those three beers, then Sagami Beer tended to get left on the shelf. Sagami Pale Ale, and its lurid pink label, caught my eye one time as it was all alone. Sagami Pale Ale poured out deep bronze colour with minimal head on top. There was a slight citrus aroma along with some floral hints too but the malts were more subdued than I would have liked – well it is an American pale ale.

The water flavour was definitely softer than usual – and I’m not usually that picky about water profiles. It felt flat and chalky in comparison to other American pale ales I’ve had in the past. The malts produced a level of sweetness that wasn’t overpowering but would be cloying after a couple of bottles. In comparison, the hops failed to come through any further than a subtle tinge of bitterness – a disappointment for an American style pale ale.

Sagami Pale Ale One Line Review

Sagami Pale Ale is a poor attempt at an American pale ale – much better ones are out there in Japan.


Where to Buy Sagami Pale Ale

Sagami Pale Ale can be bought at the following places:

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