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Ise Kadoya Pale Ale By Ise Kadoya

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Ise Kadoya Pale Ale is an American pale ale from Ise Kadoya that is also an award-winning beer. It was Ise Kadoya’s first beer produced back in 1997 and has an abv 0f 5%. Ise Kadoya Pale Ale is commonly available in both bottles and on draft at various locations. It is also brewed using only Cascade hops, so the batch flavour does change depending on the year.

Ise Kadoya Pale Ale

Like Ise Kadoya’s Brown Ale, this is also an American style beer.

Ise Kadoya Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

With Ise Kadoya Pale Ale being very much an American style beer, it had a much larger hoppy nose to it than your regular pale ale. The Cascade hops provided a large grapefruit oomph with the classic Cascade marijuana smell that none of us here know about right? It had a golden straw like complexion with a fairly fluffy white head that clung to the glass, leaving a sticky residue as the beer went down.

After having my idea of beer styles and labels completed disassembled by Ise Kadoya’s nomenclature on their labels, Ise Kadoya Pale Ale could be best described as a mild IPA that hasn’t hit puberty yet. The Cascade and its mild bitterness associated with it played a strong role in the flavouring of this beer, leaving it with the grapefruit and sweetness to it that ended up with a bitter aftertaste. Ise Kadoya Pale Ale was a little bit drier than your usual pale ale along with a crisp bite that finished off the drink.

Ise Kadoya Pale Ale One Line Review

Ise Kadoya Pale Ale is a good example of an American pale ale though the British contingent among our readers may not be happy with the hop overload.


Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Pale Ale

Ise Kadoya Pale Ale can be bought from the Ise Kadoya online store here. Else we have seen it at GoodBeer here, Craftbeers.jp here, and also World Beer Market here.

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