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Bayern Meister Bier is a craft beer brewery located in Fujinomiya city, in Shizuoka.¬†Bayern Meister Beer opened in 2004 and is also Japan’s first Bavarian-style brewery in Japan, under the auspicious eyes of head brewer Stephen Rager. Before opening, he visited over 150 different springs to find the best water suited to the traditional styles of beers from Germany. All …


Bayern Meister Edel Weiss by Bayern Meister Bier

Bayern Meister Edel Weiss

Bayern Meister Edel Weiss is a 5.5% German hefeweizen from¬†Bayern Meister Bier, based in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s brewed to a south German Bayern recipe which means it’s top fermented and contains lots of live yeast. The beer came about because the owner at Bayern Meister Beer missed this style of beer when he came to Japan. At the time of …

Bayern Meister Prinz by Bayern Meister Bier

Bayern Meister Prinz

Bayern Meister Prinz is a 5% German style pilsner from Bayern Meister Bier, based in Fujinomiya city, Shizuoka. The name stems from prinz being a portmanteau of premium and pilsners. It’s part of their all-year round range of craft beer and can be found in bottles and, though rare, on tap as well. Bayern Meister Prinz is brewed using imported …