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Harvestmoon Christmas Porter by Harvestmoon

by BeerTengoku Writer

Harvestmoon Christmas Porter is a 5% winter seasonal beer from Harvestmoon in Chiba. It is brewed for the Christmas period though why Harvestmoon don’t have a regular all-year round porter is beyond me. Harvestmoon Christmas Porter is usually on sale from mid-November until stocks last.

Harvestmoon Christmas Porter

I broke my stout glass just before this review. A wine glass would suffice.

Harvestmoon Christmas Porter Aroma and Taste

Seeing as my ineptitude ended up with me breaking my stout glass, Harvestmoon Christmas Porter was served in a wide mouthed wine glass in the hope that it would also allow some of the flavours to develop. Yet nothing really came off it. Harvestmoon Christmas Porter didn’t have much of full nose to start with, though labelling this as a porter is insulting to others. If you’re expecting big coffee, chocolate, a full-on nasal assault then you’re going to be in for a bad time. Barely any of that was present besides some subtle hints of caramel that didn’t linger very long.

With such a poor introduction, Harvestmoon Christmas Porter was struggling to convince me to write something nice about it. I guess the light roasted malt is appealing to those who do not want a full bodied porter though Harvestmoon Christmas Porter comes across as more of an aged schwarz beer with a little bit of chocolate and malt going on though. Perhaps this is a new style of porter that escaped me though I suspect it isn’t.

Harvestmoon Christmas Porter One Line Review

Harvestmoon Christmas Porter is a diet-porter; something that contains one calorie of flavour compared to the regular porters.


Where to Buy Harvestmoon Christmas Porter

Harvestmoon Christmas Porter can be bought from the online store from mid-November here. We bought our bottle from CraftBeers here though expect it to sell out quickly.

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Cascadian Abroad December 15, 2015 - 1:52 pm

Robust porters seem to be hard to come by in Japan. Most of the ones I’ve had taste more like a beer cola. Baird’s Kurofune Porter is pretty good though! Sad to hear this one fell short.

Rob December 15, 2015 - 2:49 pm

Yeah, I do miss some robust porters – had one the other day that was watery thin and a let down.


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