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Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA by Far Yeast Brewing Company

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Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA is an 8% imperial / double IPA from Far Yeast Brewing Company, based in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range and was first released in bottles and on tap in July 2017. Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA is also the first beer to be brewed by Far Yeast Brewing Company at their brewery, with the all of their other beers having been brewed under contract. At the time of writing, it’s unknown what hops and malts went into Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA but safe to say, it’s modelled on an American double IPA so probably some of the C-hops (Centennial, Chinook, Cascade, and Citra) went in.

Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA

No hint of 8% coming along.

Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA Aroma and Taste

It’s been a while since I’ve had a beer from Far Yeast Brewing – we asked our followers on Twitter if their Kagua range counted as Japanese craft beers but seeing as they are brewed and bottled in Belgium, we got a resounding no. Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA poured out a deep orange brown colour with a slight haze to it, and an ever-so-slightly off-white head with golden orange flecks in it. The head collapsed on itself quickly to a thin layer of bubbles on top. The strange thing about Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA is the aroma is muted – it’s not bold nor brash nor brazen – but it’s there. Citrus fruits of lemons, grapefruit, and pineapple, came through with some peaches and a slight caramel sweetness to it from the Crystal malts in the beer.

At 8%, I did expect some alcohol booziness to come through but you know what, it didn’t. Not until it had really warmed up did it come through. The citrus flavours and bitterness were a kick though from the get go, but so well-balanced that neither one overpowered nor screwed my face up. There was a residual sweetness throughout drinking and while overall Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA was more malt forward, the citrus flavours were always pushing through on the back. It finished off with a residual bitterness lingering on, with a hint of burnt toffee.

Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA The Bottom Line

For a first effort, Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA is a surprisingly very good effort. If you see it, pick up a bottle and let us know what you think.


Where to buy Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA

Far Yeast Tapecut IIPA can be bought online at the following places:

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