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Nihonkai Club Pilsner by Nihonkai Club

by Rob
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Nihonkai Club Pilsner is a 5% Czech pilsner from Nihonkai Club, based in Ishikawa, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beers and can be found in bottles as well as on tap with both versions being non-filtered. It’s brewed using imported Saaz hops from the Czech Republic and has also won silver medal at the International Beer Cup in 2008. 2010-11.

Craft Beer Market Koenji Nihonkai PilsnerNihonkai Pilsner・日本海ピルスナー

Nihonkai Club Pilsner Aroma and Taste

Being unable to find Nihonkai Club Pilsner in bottles as been a bit of a pain for me, so coming across it on tap at Craft Beer Market meant an instant purchase. It came up a deep golden colour with a medium amount of clean frothy white head on top that stayed right until the last drop. Impressive considering CBM bars often serve up beers with too much head. It had a strong cereal biscuit aroma with lashings of grassy hops and hints of wheat in there too.

It was in the body though where Nihonkai Club Pilsner outshines other pilsners – perhaps it’s the water, or the malt, or even the brewer excelling himself – but this was a delicious beer to drink. From start to finish, the crisp bitterness is well balanced with the biscuit-like taste and an ever-so-slight citrus punch to it as well. It finished off with a crisp bitter bite that was refreshing and left me wanting more. The only problem? It ran out about 10 minutes after ordering.

Nihonkai Club Pilsner One Line Review

Nihonkai Club Pilsner is one of the best Japanese pilsners out there – if you see it on the menu, then order it.


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chuwyboy August 10, 2017 - 11:45 am

It’s fantastic and getting better. His amber lager, dark lager and many other beers are also excellent.
This beer is often on tap at my place. 😉


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