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Sennan Stout by Sennan Craft Beer

by Rob
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Sennan Stout is a 7% English stout from Sennan Craft Beer, based in Miyagi, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beer and can be found in both bottles and on tap. It took bronze at the International Beer Competition in 2014. Sennan Stout is brewed with double the amount of malt that Sennan Craft Beer usually use, hence the higher than usual abv for a stout.

Sennan Stout

Roasted malt and coffee flavours. Potent.

Sennan Stout Aroma and Taste

Throughout the drinking session, Sennan Stout was looming on the menu, but at 7%, it was always going to be the last beer of the night. It came up with a reasonable amount of head, no more than usual for a stout, and it lingered throughout drinking. It had a strong roasted chocolate aroma with hints of coffee too, though some acridness came through too when it had warmed up, which is more than likely due to the large amount of dark malts used in the brewing of the beer.

At 7%, I’m glad that Sennan Stout was the last beer of the evening as it didn’t taste like 7% – in fact, it tasted like a “regular” stout of much lower strength instead. It was smooth when first served up chilled, with lingering hints of chocolate and some raisins and plums. When it warmed up though, the acridness came through from the dark malts, which, while noticeable, didn’t detract too much from the flavours. The chocolate lingered through into the aftertaste, as did hints of creaminess.

Sennan Stout The Bottom Line

While Sennan Stout does pack in the alcohol, it isn’t too dissimilar to your usual tasting stout. It was a nice find and I would drink again though there are better stouts out there.


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