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Songbird Myltille Noir by Brewery Songbird

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Songbird Myltille Noir is 5.5% fruit beer / dark saison from Brewery Songbird, based in Chiba. It is part of their autumn seasonal lineup and was first released in autumn 2015. Songbird Myltille Noir contains over 20% of pickled blueberries which have been sourced from Yotsukaido, also located in Chiba. It can be found in bottles when on sale.

Songbird Myltille Noir

A dark saison / fruit beer. Perhaps a fraison?

Songbird Myltille Noir Aroma and Taste

A dark saison you say? Well over the last few years we’ve seen black IPAs, golden stouts, and other things in between so why not a dark saison? Then infused with blueberries as well? Ok, if that takes your fancy but then what style of beer is it? I’d like to think that the name fraison would suit this style best. Let us know and we’ll get on the job of registering that with the relevant beer classification boards. While I like the hand written labels on the Brewery Songbird bottles, I wish they were easier to read. Is it Myltille or Mytille?!

Songbird Myltille Noir poured out a deep dark colour with hints of purple on a black background when the light hit it in the right way. The head was rather fluffy but didn’t last long before it dissipated into the beer. A huge aroma of blueberries caught my nose though it was slightly sour but I guess if you do pickle blueberries. There was no discernible aroma of malts or citrus / pine from any hops nor was there any yeast aroma from the Belgian yeast used either.

Fruit beers are not really a favourite of mine, and Songbird Myltille Noir doesn’t go anyway into changing my opinion of them. If there were a saison in this beer, then it’s completely missing from it as the sour blueberries dominated throughout drinking. Perhaps more of a wild ale that has been fermented in the open. During the aftertaste, it had some funky cheesiness to it, that I guess could have been from the yeast.


Songbird Myltille Noir One Line Review

It isn’t as bad as the Songbird Lavender, but Songbird Myltille Noir is pretty down there. Give it a miss.

Where to Buy Songbird Myltille Noir

Songbird Myltille Noir can be bought at the following places online:

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