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TY Harbor Amber Ale by TY Harbor Brewery

by Rob
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TY Harbor Amber Ale is a European-style amber ale, so less focus on the hops and more on the malts. It has an abv 5% and is part of TY Harbor’s all-year round range. As of November 2014, TY Harbor have started bottling their beers though trying to find them individual isn’t easy as their online page only tends to have six-packs or more. I picked this up from the Keyaki Hiroba Autumn Beer Festival back in September 2015. TY Harbor Amber Ale can be found on tap at all the TY Sons restaurants and bars. TY Sons? It’s the renamed brand of TY Harbor to separate the two entities.

TY Harbor Amber Ale

It’s certainly an amber – so amber it’s brown.

TY Harbor Amber Ale Aroma and Taste

This is the second time I’ve had TY Harbor Amber Ale with the other time being at their Shinagawa TY Harbor location and I wasn’t that impressed by it on tap. Having seen it in the fridges, and also being one of the cheaper craft beers for sale, it was a case of second time’s the charm – I think that’s the right proverb. Using my shaker glass, TY Harbor Amber Ale had a deep amber colour which, in all honesty, was far more brown than I would have liked. There was little head on it but it did stick to the side of the glass. There was a strong aroma of toffee and caramel to it, along with the faintest hint of citrus to it.

TY Harbor Amber Ale had a fair amount of body to that supported the deep brown colour of it along with the sweet malts coming through but the flavours never really developed past sweet caramel and toffee. However, there was an unusual level of creaminess to it that took some of the bitterness away I would have liked from it.

TY Harbor Amber Ale One Line Review

TY Harbor Amber Ale is a forgetful beer – I’ve had it twice now and the only reason this review got written was because of the notes I had taken, else it would have been lost.


Where to Buy TY Harbor Amber Ale

TY Harbor Amber Ale can be bought at all TY Sons bars and restaurants. It can also be bought online at the following:

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