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Minamishinshu Oktoberfest by Minamishinshu Beer Company

by Rob
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Minamishinshu Oktoberfest is a 6% märzen style beer from Minamishinshu Beer Company that is part of their autumnal lineup and is released in time for the annual Oktoberfest celebrations. It is brewed using four different malts in the marsh, not uncommon there, but the malt grains used themselves are unknown. Minamishinshu Oktoberfest can be found in both bottles and cans and is on sale from mid-September onwards.

Minamishinshu Oktoberfest

Deep reddish-brown colour with a fair amount of fluffy head on top.

Minamishinshu Oktoberfest Aroma and Taste

I got my bottle of this from a friend a few months later after he decided to randomly go up to the Minamishinshu Beer brewery one random day. After making a request for any limited edition beers, he delivered a few months later with it, which meant that the Oktoberfest season had well and truly finished. Never mind, it was still “fresh” and ready for drinking.

Minamishinshu Oktoberfest poured out a deep reddish-brown colour with about a centimetre or two of head on top. With it being so dark in colour, I wondered if the brewers at Minamishinshu Beer had gone for more of an American-style märzen rather than a traditional European? It was quite soapy though and left a slightly oily residue on my tongue after drinking. It had a fairly strong caramel aroma as well as some earthy hops going on too; quite strange for a märzen really as they tend to be sweet rather than bitter.

The sweetness followed through in the body though but the hops remained solidly in the background without overpowering with a slight bitterness and earthiness too. Currents and raisins were the main flavour I also picked up on too. The aftertaste did however have a slight bitterness to it rather than sweetness but it was a welcome change in the end.


Minamishinshu Oktoberfest One Line Review

Minamishinshu Oktoberfest is a solid märzen beer – while not exciting what it does, it does well.

Where to Buy Minamishinshu Oktoberfest

Minamishinshu Oktoberfest can be bought online at the following places:

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Oliver May 14, 2017 - 2:57 pm

I fully agree with this review. I have had it bottled and on tap several times, and can throughly recommend it.


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