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Monkey Blonde Ale by Monkey Mountain

by Rob
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Monkey Blonde Ale is a 4.5% blonde ale from Monkey Mountain based in Oita, in Kyushu, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Like the Monkey IPA, Monkey Blonde Ale is brewed using imported malts and hops, and also contains locally sourced apples as part of the adjuncts.

Monkey Blonde Ale・モンキーブロンドエール

Monkey Blonde Ale Aroma and Taste

Monkey Blonde Ale poured out a slightly hazy golden orange colour with a small amount of fluffy white head on top. The beer had perhaps either undergone some secondary fermentation in the bottle or been overprimed as it exploded out of the bottle into the glass before drinking. Monkey Blonde Ale had a slight honey and apple aroma to it – which was expected after learning my lesson from drinking the Monkey IPA. There wasn’t much hop aroma coming off it besides a faint noble-like one to it.

The overcarbonation in the beer meant that Monkey Blonde Ale was a gassy beer, but by no means undrinkable. The beer did make me burp a few times but nothing too potent. The body was slightly sticky and had a faint underlying flavour of apples and honey to it, along with the slight noble hop flavour to it. It finished off with a subtle spicy note to the aftertaste though that did fade quite fast.


Monkey Blonde Ale The Bottom Line

The addition of apples gave Monkey Blonde Ale an interesting flavour profile that I’d like to try again.

Where to Buy Monkey Blonde Ale

Monkey Blonde Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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