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Yona Yona Real Ale by Yo-Ho Brewing

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Yona Yona Real Ale is a special version of Yo-Ho Brewing’s Yona Yona Ale. Yona Yona Real Ale is a premium ale that is sold at a slightly higher price than their regular beer and is marketed along the lines of being a UK style real ale. Which really doesn’t bode well. Growing up in the UK, any time someone said that “such and such is a real ale”, it sent warning sirens going. The person in question was either a pedantic so-and-so about ales, or has no taste in ale. Oh, how times have changed.

Yona Yona Real Ale

There’s something lurking inside the can. Can you guess what it is yet?

Yona Yona Real Ale Aroma and Taste

Yona Yona Real Ale pours out like a Kilkenny. If you don’t know what Kilkenny is, imagine getting some white bread with some plain cheese and eating that as a sandwich. It’s bland. You might as well just have a sign above your head that says “I’m drinking to get drunk”, or “I have no taste buds”. There is more going on in Yona Yona Real Ale than in Kilkenny. But not much. It has a slight maltiness going in there with a subtle fruitness that could have come out of the widget as ….. yes, I said widget. There is a widget in the bottom the can that gives the beer some life.

Taste, well, if you’ve drunk Kilkenny then you can probably guess what this tastes like. Yona Yona Real Ale has a little bit of malt going on and some fruit going on. Apart from that, waiting for the beer to settle is the most exciting thing going on with this.

Yona Yona Real Ale One-line Review

Yona Yona Real Ale is a massive disappointment considering Yo-Ho Brewing’s lineup. Just go drink something else instead. Besides Budweiser.


Where to Buy Yona Yona Real Ale

Yona Yona Real Ale can be bought online here at the Yona Yona online store here. Le Collier in Tokyo Station also sells it. Or if you are feeling flush, then craftbeers.jp has cases of it going here.

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