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Zumona Pale Ale by Tono Zumona Beer

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Zumona Pale Ale is a beer that I’ve seen on my travels numerous times for BeerTengoku; both in Tokyo and also in Kyoto and Osaka but I never get around to buying it. It’s an American style pale ale with an abv of 5% and is part of Tono Zumona Beer’s all-year round range that can be found in bottles or on draught too. There isn’t much information about Zumona Pale Ale as the Tono Zumona Beer homepage, at the time of writing, was not working.

Zumona Pale Ale ずもなペールエールアンバーZumona Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Zumona Pale Ale poured out a deep golden colour with the merest of frothy white head on top – it was perhaps a finger width at most but it did remain until the end of the beer. With it being an American pale ale, I was expecting hops to first and foremost the main attraction; however, the malts played a surprising big part, providing a biscuity aroma which was then followed up by a faint citrus smell too. Perhaps more of an English pale ale than an American style.

That all flips around when it comes to drinking Zumona Pale Ale as the hops brought a citrus twang to it that the caramel sweetness from the malts couldn’t quite match in terms of strength or in stamina. The hops also produced a bitterness that wasn’t quite astringent but was certainly close to it. Zumona Pale Ale’s aftertaste was lacking too as the hops finally gave up and as a result, the bitterness quickly faded away.

Zumona Pale Ale One Line Review

Zumona Pale Ale is an average pale ale that verges on the good side of average. If you see it cheap, pick one up.


Where to Buy Zumona Pale Ale

Zumona Pale Ale can be bought online at the following places:

I got this bottle though from the Keyaki Autumn Hiroba Festival 2015

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