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Awaji Shima Lemon by Awaji Beer

by Rob
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Awaji Shima Lemon is a 4.5% fruit beer from Awaji Beer, based in Hyogo, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beer that uses locally sourced lemons and a weizen base.

Awaji Shima Lemon あわじ島レモンAwaji Shima Lemon Aroma and Taste

Awaji Shima Lemon poured out a hazy golden colour with a minute amount of frothy white head. What head there was faded fast to some thin bubbles around the edge of the glass. There was a tart wheaty nose coming off of the beer, but the lemon aroma smelt a tad too much like washing up liquid to me. Awaji Shima Lemon is supposedly made with real lemons, but perhaps they had got too much of the pith in this one.

Lemons in beer are a funny one – with so many hops that are able to produce a lemon flavour, why bother using real lemons anymore? Awaji Shima Lemon is a case in point – the lemon flavour tasted artificial, more so than a lemon flavour generated from hops. There wasn’t much special about the malts either – some slight wheat and biscuit – as the lemon tartness was too overpowering.

Awaji Shima Lemon The Bottom Line

Tone down the lemons and Awaji Shima Lemon could be a nice refreshing summer drink. Right now though it’s just a bit of a mess.


Where to Buy Awaji Shima Lemon

Awaji Shima Lemon can be bought online at the following places:

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