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Ginga Kogen Beer Information

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Ginga Kogen BeerGinga Kogen Beer first opened in 1996 as a project to economically develop Sawauchi village in Iwate. The reason for choosing Sawauchi is due to the climate being similar to Berlin, Germany – a city that has strong connections to Japanese brewing throughout history. Before opening Ginga Kogen Beer, the brewers visited the beer breweries in Europe and the United States.

Ginga Kogen Beer Main Line Up

Ginga Kogen Beer produces the following beers throughout the year:

  • Ginga Kogen Komugi no Beer – a 5% hefeweizen brewed using a South German recipe. Ginga Kogen Star Bottle is the bottled version of this beer.
  • Ginga Kogen Weizen Beer – a 5% hefeweizen that is also freshly brewed and unpasteurized. Ginga Kogen Star Bottle is the bottled version of this beer.

Ginga Kogen Beer Limited Edition / Seasonal Line Up

Ginga Kogen Beer also produces some limited edition and seasonal beers:

  • Ginga Kogen Pale Ale – a 5% English style pale ale that is on sale from Spring time onwards.
  • Ginga Kogen Shiro Beer – a 5% Belgian white beer that is on sale from early March until stocks last.
  • Ginga Kogen Pilsner – a 5% pilsner that is conditioned for twice the amount of time as is normal and non-filtered.
  • Ginga Kogen American Pale Ale – a 5.5% American style pale ale that is brewed with Cascade hops. It’s on sale from early June onwards.
  • Ginga Kogen Stout – a 5.5% English stout that is on sale from early September.
  • Ginga Kogen Chocolate Stout – Ginga Kogen Beer’s annual addition to the Valentine range of chocolate beers. A 6.5% stout that goes on sale from the beginning of February.
  • Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale – Take the Ginga Kogen Pale Ale and make it even hoppier with Citrus hops to produce this 5.0% XPA on sale from mid-January.
  • Ginga Kogen Strong Wheat – A 6% weizenbock that is best served at 10c or more rather than chilled on sale from mid-December.
  • Ginga Kogen Wanko Ale – Named after the famous dog, Wanko Ale is a 5% kölsch style beer on sale from the beginning of April.
  • Ginga Kogen Soyokaze Kolsch – a 5% kölsch style beer that is part of their summer seasonal list.
  • Ginga Kogen Brown Ale – A 5% alt style beer on sale from the beginning of the year.

Ginga Kogen Beer Details:

Address: 3-647-1, Sawauchi Kaisawa, Nishi-waga town, Waga-gun, Iwate 029-5703


Phone: 0197-85-5321

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.gingakogenbeer.com/ (in English): http://www.gingakogenbeer.com/english/

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