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Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager by Sekinoichi Shuzo

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Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager is an 8.5% / 8.6% (depending on where you get the information from) imperial pilsner from Sekinoichi Shuzo based in Iwate and it is part of their limited edition range of beers. This is the latest collaboration between the Tohoku breweries of Iwate Kura, Aqula, Fukushima Michinoku, and Tazawako. Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager was first on sale in February 2016 and is limited to 2000 bottles only, though some kegs have also been released as well. The name bakusui in English roughly translates to “drunken wheat” so perhaps the brewers behind Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager were planning on getting everyone and anyone drunk on this beer.

Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager

8.5% or 8.6%. Does that 0.1% make a difference?

Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager Aroma and Taste

Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager poured out a deep amber colour with a minimal amount of head that dissipated quickly to a thin white ring around the edge of the glass. The aroma coming off of it was fairly sweet with caramel being the strongest aroma though there was an edge of biscuit to it as well. The yuzu aroma was more apparent when it had warmed up and barged through the sweet malts. Nothing special there nor outstanding but when you use 500kg of malts per 1KL of beer, then I guess it should be expected.

The body was much sweeter than your usual pilsner and as such, was more cloying than usual. It was drinkable when it was chilled but as it warmed up, the caramel became too much for my liking, though thankfully the yuzu flavours did dent the sweetness a bit. While it is an imperial lager, it could have done with toning back in the caramel flavours as the aftertaste was as sweet as the rest of the drinking. I would have liked some bitterness from the hops to have kicked in but alas, nothing.

Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager One Line Review

Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager isn’t a bad beer but by no means, rather it’s simply average.


Where to Buy Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager

Iwate Kura Bakusui Lager can be bought online at the following places:

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