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Hidatakayama Pilsner by Hida Takayama Beer

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Hidatakayama Pilsner is a 5% pilsner from Hida Takayama Beer, based in Gifu-ken. It’s brewed with 100% (thank goodness) and locally sourced water from the mountains. Besides that, there isn’t much information about this beer in English or in Japanese. It can be found in bottles, cans, and also on draft form as well.

Hidatakayama Pilsner

Big, fluffy head on top of a golden body.

Hidatakayama Pilsner Aroma and Taste

Hidatakayama Pilsner poured out a translucent golden colour with a large amount of fluffy white head on top. The head eventually did dissipate down to about a finger’s worth and also clung to the side of the glass as it went down. There was a light malt aroma that was somewhere between a biscuit aroma and a caramel one. Nothing spectacular on the hop front either, with some remnants of spiciness and citrus.

Pilseners are everywhere in Japan, so for a craft beer brewery such as Hida Takayama Beer to make a pilsner means it must be either something special or something that follows the convention of other pilsners. During drinking, it became more and more evident that Hidatakayama Pilsner sat firmly in the second category. It had the sweet crispness as most commercial pilsners do without much bite from the hops. The body was also thinner than I would have liked from a pilsner which made the flavours also lighter than usual. Hidatakayama Pilsner finished limply with a little bit of sweetness that left as quickly as it had arrived.

Hidatakayama Pilsner One Line Review

I have to admit, I was deeply disappointed with Hidatakayama Pilsner as it’s no better than the commercial pilsners out there on the market. Leave it alone and buy something else from the Hida Takayama Beer range.


Where to Buy Hidatakayama Pilsner

Hidatakayama Pilsner can be bought at the following places online:

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