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Daisen G Beer Gold by Kumezakura Daisen Brewery

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Daisen G Beer Gold is a 6% blonde ale from Kumezakura Daisen Brewery that was first brewed in 2007 and is part of their autumn line up. It is brewed using locally harvested Daisen Gold barley from the local Oyama area. Daisen G Beer Gold can be found in bottles and on tap.

Daisen G Beer Gold

Local malt for a local beer.

Daisen G Beer Gold Aroma and Taste

This is the second time I’ve had Daisen G Beer Gold after first finding it on draft at Wiz Craft Beer and Food back in October of this year. I had an hour or two to spare before meeting up with some fellow Tokyo craft beer drinkers and popped into Tanakaya in Mejiro (yes, review will come soon!). Daisen G Beer aren’t well known for their beer designs, which Mystery Cuts Radio picked up on Twitter. Daisen G Beer Gold poured out a deep hazy golden colour and had a hoppy aroma that was close to grapefruit and a slight sweetness to it too.

Daisen G Beer Gold is a blonde ale so I was looking forward to slight bitterness that didn’t disappoint. It’s not lip-curling or face-contorting by any means but it is bitter. The malts produced a little bit of sweetness to it but more than anything, Daisen G Beer Gold was unbalanced with it veering between sweet and then bitter. There was also a little readiness to it as well which didn’t really help matters though the bitterness did return with the aftertaste.

Daisen G Beer Gold One Line Review

Daisen G Beer Gold is unbalanced with all the flavours; however, it is a good example of a blonde ale when it works. When it works.


Where to Buy Daisen G Beer Gold

Daisen G Beer Gold can be bought at the following places:

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