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Daisen G Beer Barley Wine by Kumezakura Daisen Brewery

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Tis the season for barleywines at BeerTengoku towers as Daisen G Beer Barley Wine comes singing along as the cold winter nights draw in. This is a two-year vintage version from Kumezakura Daisen Brewery’s 2013 collection that was lurking in the cellar. It’s a 9% barleywine that is an annual release in late winter. It can be found in both bottles and on draft, if you’re brave enough.

Daisen G Beer Barley Wine

Yes, yeast and stuff got into the glass. Don’t know how though.

Daisen G Beer Barley Wine Aroma and Taste

This had been lurking in the beer cellar for the last two years or so – in fact, it was one of my first beers I got for review purposes. I wish I could say I deliberately aged it; however, as Joe will attest too, I probably ended up with so many beers that I probably in fact forgot about it until a quick rummage for something to drink. As it’s from 2013, I guess the flavours would have changed somewhat since it’s originally bottling but that wasn’t going to stop me from drinking and reviewing it.

Daisen G Beer Barley Wine poured out an orangey-brown colour with no head whatsoever – I really wanted some to come out as if to say “hey, you’ve kept me locked up for two years, let’s get some revenge on you!” but nothing. There was a fair amount of sediment and yeast that had managed to make it’s way into the bottle. The aroma was a nice smooth caramel and had a bread-like nuance to it as well. There was plenty of fruity smells of plums and raisins but no hint at the booziness. Had the alcohol mellowed out? Had it disappeared?!

The caramel flavours were much richer in the body along with a rich butteriness to it as well that felt creamy on the tongue. Daisen G Beer Barley Wine wasn’t as potent as other barleywines that I’ve drunk but as it warmed up, the alcohol did begin to make an appearance though it was a smooth one rather than a battering ram of booziness. The caramel flavours weren’t overly done either, and never became cloying. The aftertaste left a buttery residue  on the tongue before mellowing out.


Daisen G Beer Barley Wine One Line Review

If you’re looking for a good introduction to barleywines, then Daisen G Beer Barley Wine is perhaps a good place to start.

Where to Buy Daisen G Beer Barley Wine

Daisen G Beer Barley Wine can be bought at the following places online:

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