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Romantic Village Gyoza Roman by Romantic Village Beer

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Romantic Village Gyoza Roman is a 6.5% märzen style beer from Romantic Village Beer that has been specially designed to be paired with Utsunomiya’s more well-known product: gyoza. It was developed with the supervising Utsunomiya Gyoza Association – I guess Romantic Village Beer didn’t want to get on the bad side of them.


Romantic Village Gyoza Roman

No gyoza were harmed in the making of this beer.

Romantic Village Gyoza Roman Aroma and Taste

It’s not often that a beer resembles the label so much, but with Romantic Village Gyoza Roman, the resemblance is too strong to ignore. The light reddish-orange colour of the beer so strongly looks like the bright orange and gold label that adorns the bottle I wondered that if the designer had planned that. It is not an unappealing colour by any means, more disconcerting that Romantic Village Beer would do something like that. Even the light orange head is similar to the gold bordering around the edge of the label. Thankfully, Romantic Village Beer hadn’t gone full on crazy with the gyoza idea as Romantic Village Gyoza Roman didn’t smell anything like gyoza. It did had a bready, sweet aroma along with some caramel floating around in the mix too.

Romantic Village Gyoza Roman doesn’t taste like gyoza either, so the aroma and tastes were safe. Caramel and some sweet flavours were the strongest flavours going on and it’s hard to see how this beer could be paired with gyoza. Desserts? I could understand but a meaty dish containing strong flavours of garlic and ginger along with a spicy dipping sauce? Strange to say the least.


Romantic Village Gyoza Roman One Line Review

It’s a drinkable beer at least but the link between Romantic Village Gyoza Roman and gyoza is tenuous at best. Really not recommended except for those urging to waste their money.

Where to Buy Romantic Village Gyoza Roman

Romantic Village Gyoza Roman can be bought online at the following places:




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