Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale by Miyazaki Hideji Beer

Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale ひでじビール栗黒エール

Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale is a 9% imperial stout from Miyazaki Hideji Beer, based in Nobeoka, in Miyazaki, Kyushu. It’s part of their winter seasonal lineup and can be found in both bottle and on tap. Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale, or Hideji Kuri Kuro, is brewed using locally grown chestnuts and Miyazaki Hideji Beer recommend aging this beer – but we didn’t as the weather had suddenly turned “cold” one day and this was waiting for me.

Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale ひでじビール栗黒エールHideji Dark Chestnut Ale Aroma and Taste

First things first, open up Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale and let it warm up. Go do something else while you’re waiting for this to warm up – go read some beer or bar reviews. Perhaps an interview or two but do not drink this beer when it’s cold.

You’ll thank us.

—— 15 minutes later ——

Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale poured out a pitch black colour with a plump, slightly off-white tan head on top that unfortunately faded to a thin ring of bubbles around the outside. The aroma though was amazing – a rich, roasted body with a creamy chestnut nose poking through. There was also a nutty caramel aroma to Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale and I was glad that I had left it to warm up for a while. When it was cold, the only aromas coming off it was a slight roasted one with the faintest of suggestions of chestnuts having been used.

That pitch black body was hiding its thick, luscious flavour. Molasses – something that I’ve tasted before straight but amazing to have an imperial stout – combined with the chestnuts was just mind-blowing. The coffee flavour that permeated through, along with the sweet, chestnut flavours was warming and moorish. Even at 9%, the alcohol was well-hidden but the thick body meant Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale was for sipping on and not for gulping. It finished off with a lingering sweet chestnut coffee flavour.

Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale The Bottom

Why did I wait so long to try Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale?! It’s one of the best imperial stouts I’ve ever had and you should have one too.

Where to Buy Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale

Hideji Dark Chestnut Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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