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Craft Beer Holiday 2015 in Osaka, Kansai

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Craft Beer Holiday

You’ve probably just recovered from the Craft Beer Picnic but wait up, there is a craft beer festival coming up in October. Craft Beer Holiday 2015 is a four-day craft beer festival held at the park around Osaka castle, known as Osakajokoen from Friday 9th October until Monday 12th October. Over twenty breweries from across Japan are coming down for three and a half days of drinking and relaxing in the park with an impressive view of Osaka Castle.

Craft Beer Holiday Glass

A beautiful glass.

Craft Beer Holiday starts on Friday 9th October at 17:00 until 21:00, then on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 21:00 while the last day Monday 12th October from 11:00 to 19:00 to give people a chance to recover for the first day back at work on the Tuesday. Tickets cost ¥3,200 in advance, which go on sale from Tuesday 15th September, and for this you get ten beer tickets and an original glass. The glass itself is 360ml and the ticket system works in two ways. One ticket gets you one 180ml serving of beer, while using two tickets gets you a 360ml serving of beer.

Tickets can be bought up until Friday 9th October at 23:59. If you buy the ticket on the day, the price goes up to ¥3,500 for the same amount of tickets and original glass. It’s important to note that beers can only be served in the original glass, so keep ahold of it and don’t lose it, drop it, break it, or other things that usually happen after too many beers.


Craft Beer Holiday looks like a welcome addition to the ever-expanding craft beer calendar. If you go, let us know. Send us your pictures on either or Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Breweries Attending Craft Beer Holiday 2015

Confirmed breweries attending Craft Beer Holiday 2015 include:

How to Get Tickets For Craft Beer Holiday 2015

Advanced tickets can be bought from the following places:

How to Get to Craft Beer Holiday 2015

Craft Beer Holiday 2015 is going to be held at Osakajokoen and the closest station to it is Osakajokoen on the JR loop line. Take exit number 3 and the location is about a three-minute walk.

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