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Coedo Imperial IPA by Coedo

by Rob
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So Coedo Imperial IPA. BeerTengoku finally managed to track this beer down one lonely Friday night and we were aghast that it existed. We’ve always heard rumours about Coedo producing a double IPA, what with their crazy Coedonado Ichiro’s Malt concoction being another of their special beers, so when it come down to it, we knew we wanted the Coedo Imperial IPA, but we didn’t know what was going to happen.

Coedo Imperial IPA

Look how delicate that is. Such a nice glass. It’s going to dominate you like the little weakling that you are.

Coedo Imperial IPA Aroma and Taste

Coedo Imperial IPA is only available on tap and there is a good reason. It’s 11%. So that is out-of-the-way, it poured out a deep copper-red colour with a thick head that lasted for a long time. Getting the nose wet and damp, the huge floral bouquet smacks you around the head that leaves the aroma stuck up your nose. Or did we suck in too much through our nose? Citrus flavours, with grapefruit and pomegranate dominated the aroma, followed up with some maltiness as well.

Coedo Imperial IPA is dangerous. It is 11%. Sorry, I’m repeating myself. It’s dangerous BECAUSE it’s 11% but does not taste like it. Sometimes with beers, the alcohol content will blow you away but this teases your throat, warming it nicely, before slipping down until the next sip. The taste of caramel, oranges, and spices were extremely well-balanced and none of them dominated the palate. The slightly bitter twang at the end of Coedo Imperial IPA was welcome and a good distraction from the floral notes.

Coedo Imperial IPA One-line review.

Coedo Imperial IPA is a great- no, wonderful – example of a double IPA that should be on your list to try.


Where to Buy Coedo Imperial IPA

We managed to find Coedo Imperial IPA at Craftheads in Shibuya. Pricey but well worth a purchase even if you go just for that.

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