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Bon Kura in Ninomiya, Kanagawa

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Bon Kura is a family-run liquor store in Ninomiya, west Kanagawa. They’ve been in the area for almost two decades and have been in the alcohol business for half a century.

Bon Kura OutsideSituated along the main road from Ninomiya to Hadano, Bon Kura’s small building and traditional-style storefront make it easily noticeable. The store is mainly sake-focused, but they stock a good few beers as well, including ones from Baird Brewing, Sankt Gallen, Shiga Kogen, Ginga Kogen and Yo-Ho Brewing.

Bon Kura SakeFriendly store owner Ryosuke Uchiyama is on hand to offer advice, and inquire as to what on earth you’re doing in Ninomiya. The prices of the beers are good as well- they’re lower than what we’ve found further east. And the fridges are cryonically cold. Any beer you buy is deliciously icy.

Bon Kura Fridge 1Bon Kura Fridge 2

Bon Kura is a great store with a fine selection of Japanese craft beers- and a few Italian and Belgian ones. We know a few of our readers will be glad to hear that it exists in their neck of the woods. If you’re driving up to Hadano from the Shonan area for fishing, hiking, camping or a barbecue, be sure to drop in and say hello.


Bon Kura Details:

Open: Monday to Sunday 9:00 ~ 20:00

Closed: Wednesday

Phone: 0463-71-8271

Email: ryos@carrot.ocn.ne.jp

Homepage (in Japanese): http://bonkurasake.web.fc2.com/shopinfo/shopinfo.html

How to Get to Bon Kura

Bon Kura can be reached from JR Ninomiya Station but it is best reached by driving. Take Route 71 from the station northbound and Bon Kura is about a ten minute drive.


259-0134 神奈川県中郡二宮町一色1310-4
Tel 0463-71-8271


Website http://bonkurasake.web.fc2.com

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