Swan Lake #B-IPA by Hyouko Yashiki No Mori Brewery

Swan Lake Belgian-IPA

The Swan Lake B-IPA series continues with this Swan Lake #B-IPA, aka Swan Lake Belgian-IPA, addition to contrast against the Swan Lake Black IPA. It is a spring seasonal special that has an abv of 6%. I first tried this on recent trip to Swan Lake Edo near Yaesu exit of Tokyo station though it was a mere dribble as it had just run out. Swan Lake #B-IPA is influenced by using Belgian yeast along with a fair amount of American hops, though what hops are used is a mystery.

Swan Lake Belgian-IPA

Is it a Belgian wheat beer? Almost. Is it an IPA? Close…

Swan Lake #B-IPA Aroma and Taste

I was initially confused when I bought this beer. The last Swan Lake B-IPA beer I had was a black IPA so I was left wondering if this had been a mistake but after getting in contact on Twitter everything was cleared up.

It poured out a hazy golden colour with a large frothy head on top that lingered to the last drop. Swan Lake #B-IPA had a great Belgian witbier aroma to it, with a funky aroma punch to it which contrasted with the hop pine aroma, perhaps from simcoe hops? The hops used are a mystery.

Swan Lake #B-IPA had a medium level of tartness mixed in with a yeast sourness but the hops were the stay in the body with a thirst-quenching, leaving your mouth watering for more of it. Some people may find the yeast profile a bit OTT though they would be missing out on a complex beer that had so much to give, with a mild grapefruit flavour following through in the end.

Swan Lake #B-IPA One Line Review

When Swan Lake do limited edition beers, they do them well and Swan Lake #B-IPA is no exception. Buy it!

Where to Buy Swan Lake #B-IPA

Swan Lake #B-IPA can be bought from the Hyouko Yashiki No Mori Brewery Rakuten store here as part of a three-piece or six-piece set. I got my bottle from Le Collier though I suspect it won’t last long.

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