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Tama no Megumi Helles by Ishikawa Shuzo

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Tama no Megumi Helles is a dortmunder / helles style beer from Ishikawa Shuzo that is part of their Spring seasonal line up. It’s got an abv of 5% and comes in bottled form only. Besides that, not much information is known about it, even when it goes on sale.

Tama no Megumi Helles

A seasonal helles beer but unknown on sale date.

Tama no Megumi Helles Aroma and Taste

This was a splurge on a recent trip to Ishikawa Shuzo as this was the last bottle sitting in the fridge. Perhaps there was more outback or waiting in the storage tanks, but it was mid-May and this is a seasonal beer.

Helles beers are proving to be a popular alternative to pilsners and weizens in Japan though with Tama no Megumi Helles, the malt aroma is pretty forthcoming on the initial aroma. The beer only has a shelf life of about two months so the buttery aroma had started to develop. Drink it quick before it goes off I hear some of you scream. There was also a strange bread-like aroma to it as well but luckily it was more fresh bread than stale, mouldy bread. There was also a wee amount of pine coming off too but nothing that would send hopophobes© running away. The large amount of frothy head didn’t linger nor stick to the side of the glass, rather fading into the dark golden body.

Tama no Megumi Helles carried the bread and malt aromas into the body along with a little bit of citrus punch from the hops though again, nothing to send the hopophobes among you running. It’s a not a refreshing beer by any means as it never ended up quenching my thirst but the bitter aftertaste did send my taste buds into a spin as it was unexpected.


Tama no Megumi Helles One Line Review

Tama no Megumi Helles is a pretty safe beer that isn’t going to upset you but the relative bland malts and hops won’t excite you either.

Where to Buy Tama no Megumi Helles

Tama no Megumi Helles can be bought from the following places:



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