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Ise Kadoya Stout by Ise Kadoya

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Ise Kadoya have been making their award-winning stout for over a decade, most recently winning the silver medal at the International Beer cup in 2014, and they have been constantly tweaking the recipe with each iteration. Ise Kadoya Stout is part of their year-round range and can be bought in 350ml can or bottle form, or this larger 500ml bottle. How does this version stand up?

Ise Kadoya Stout.JPG

Constant iteration: a good thing or bad thing?


Ise Kadoya Stout Aroma and Taste

Look at that big bottle! What’s up with that? Ise Kadoya Stout pours out with a little bit of head and a nose that is cheesy, metallic, and kinda… Dusty? That’s the only way to explain it. There’s something dry and creaky about this beer. It’s like smelling an old grandad coat.

Tasting it, there’s no usual coffee notes. Caramel’s there, and uh oh, here comes the cheese wheel of doom rolling over the horizon. It’s pretty thin on the body, which is always a disappointment. Far too light here, Kadoya. And WHAT IS THAT DUSTY TASTE? AUUUUGH.

Ise Kadoya Stout One Line Review

This big bottle held big promises (I imagine). Promises unfulfilled. And it’s my birthday, Ise Kadoya. That being said, if they’re constantly tweaking the recipe, it could be completely different by now.


And what the fuck is with the dust?

Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Stout

Ise Kadoya Stout can be bought from the Ise Kadoya online store here. Otherwise, we’ve seen on sale in its smaller bottles from GoodBeer here, World Beer Market here, and also at Craftbeers.jp here. If you are looking for it closer to home, then either Le Collier in Tokyo have it in stock or Yamaoka in Kyoto had it in stock too.

Ise Kadoya Second Opinion by Rob

I quite liked this stout though it was a bit on the bland side compared to other stouts I’ve had. Not bad as it would be a good introduction to those who found other stouts in Japan a bit on the heavy side.

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