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Baird Saison Sayuri by Baird Beer

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What’s a saison review doing coming out in winter? Baird Saison Sayuri was another one of those beers I bought and forgot about. Baird Saison Sayuri is a 6% Belgian style saison and part of the Baird Beer seasonal range that was released on March 21st. If you’re wondering who Sayuri is, wonder no more! It is Sayuri Baird – Bryan’s wife and business partner. At the time of writing, it can be found in both bottles and on tap. In 2016, the new label was added to the range in the similar style of other Baird Beers.

Baird Saison Sayuri

2016 brought a new label for the beer.

Baird Saison Sayuri Aroma and Taste

Baird Saison Sayuri is brewed using fresh Aoshima oranges and the citrusy nose comes through immediately. It’s not an offensive sucker punch but it’s good to know that this bottle has aged well under the house. The head was thin, about one finger thick, and the body had a fair lacing of dark brown sediment in it that gently sank to the bottom of the glass. Once the orange aroma had got bored of assaulting my nostrils, some spices came through along with a small amount of malt nose too.

Malt is a funny taste to a beer. Sometimes it works well, but in Baird Saison Sayuri its presence was strange. Saisons don’t really have a fixed taste profile as much as, say, an IPA does. The malt mixed in with the citrus, orange taste and spices to give a rawness to it that I had not experienced in a saison. It was a pleasant, refreshing experience though and the sour aftertaste lingered with the citrus, orange twang.

Baird Saison Sayuri One Line Review

Baird Saison Sayuri is a distinct example of a saison; it doesn’t fit into any other styles but what it does, it does well.


Where to Buy Baird Saison Sayuri

Baird Saison Sayuri is on sale every year from March 25th at all Baird Beer Taprooms. It can be bought at the following places online:

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