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Shonan Beer Golden Ale by Kumazawa Brewing

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Shonan Beer Golden Ale is a 5% top fermented beer that is available all year round though the bottles can only be bought at Kumazawa Brewing’s restaurants and bars it seems. It is usually found in the regular Shonan Beer style of labelling though I couldn’t resist buying this one and walking around Fujisawa with it in the side compartment of my bag.

Shonan Beer Golden Ale

Yes, others might find this label offensive.

Shonan Beer Golden Ale Aroma and Taste

Now the label is out-of-the-way, let’s move on to Shonan Beer Golden Ale itself. It poured out a clear golden colour with some signs of carbonation and a large frothy white head to boot though that settled fairly quickly to about a finger’s worth. The aroma off Shonan Beer Golden Ale reminded me of some decent skunk you could find wandering the streets of Amsterdam – light hops punctuated through with a little bit of lemon thrown in for topping. Overall, a very nice smelling beer.

The skunky tones in the aroma were enticing as it was the first time I’ve had that off a golden ale though Shonan Beer Golden Ale didn’t follow through with that in the taste. It definitely followed through with the hops and lemon in the body with some malty undertones awash in the mix too. The aftertaste had a dry, refreshing sharpness to finish it off.

Shonan Beer Golden Ale One Line Review

Shonan Beer Golden Ale is a great, refreshing hoppy golden ale that I look forward to trying again.


Where to Buy Shonan Beer Golden 26Ale

Shonan Beer Golden Ale can be bought on draught and bottles at all Kumazawa Brewing bars and restaurants listed here. We’ve also seen it for sale in World Gourmet in Yokohama.

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