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Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale by Niigata Beer

by Rob
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As I sat and drank Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale, I wondered if last year’s vote for independence would have spurred on sales of this beer. The bottle design is dedicated to Edinburgh, with its castle and surrounding conurbation being the main point. But something bugged me about it. It’s sold as an English pale ale. What’s that about? Now, I’m not Scottish by any means, but if you are going to label your beer after a Scottish city then you better make sure that the beer is linked to Scotland. Somehow.

Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale

Get together and sing Auld Lang Syne to this beer. In the hope that you will never see it again.

Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale Aroma and Taste

I’m going to ignore the obvious jibes towards the Scottish populace, even though I’m English and people would probably expect me to do them.

Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale was dark and brown, even muddy at times and was no way appealing to drink. It reminded me of those mild beers my grandfather used to drink; the beers best served warm even though they smelt like the sweaty armpits of a factory worker. It was ever so slightly malty with some caramel tinge to it, but the overall aroma was lacking. The head. Let’s just say it was embarrassed to be there. It frothed up high but disappeared in shame before the first smell had been taken from it.

I don’t know why I bothered to drink this after such a lacklustre front, but alas, like my Scottish brethren, I soldiered on. Bloody wish I hadn’t. Stiff up lip. Jolly good show chaps.


Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale tasted like disappointment would taste if it were bottled up and sold at a premium price. Burnt sugar came to the forefront, which is never pleasant, especially so when it’s a nagging taste. It nags at you as you drink Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale.  It carries on until you notice some resemblance to toffee and liquorice but by that time I had given up on this. Just like I’m giving up on this review even though there is still beer in the glass.

Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale One Line Review

Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale does not deserve the shelf space it gets. The only good thing I have to say about this beer is the label design.

Where to Buy Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale

Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale can be bought from Rakuten here at the time of writing. If you want a 24 pack, then you can buy it from the Niigata Beer online store here.

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chuwyboy August 5, 2017 - 3:03 pm

contender for worst beer in japan for years


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