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Shonan Beer by Kumazawa Brewing

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Shonan Beer by Kumazawa BrewingKumazawa Brewing is a small, but well known, sake producer in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, about 45 minutes south of Tokyo. Kumazawa Brewing first started making sake in 1872 although Kanagawa was a strange choice, the local Tanzawa mountain range is famous for fresh spring water. However, you probably know Kumazawa Brewing for their range of craft beer under the guise of Shonan Beer. Shonan Beer, first produced in 1996, was introduced just after the deregulation of the craft beer licensing laws and has flourished since.

Shonan Beer Main Lineup (Bottled)

Shonan Beer Seasonal Lineup (Bottled)

Shonan Beer Draft Lineup

There is also an extensive range of beers on draft at Kumazawa Brewing’s restaurants and bars that aren’t available in bottled form.

Kumazawa Brewing Details

Address: 〒253-0082 Kanagawa-ken, Chigasaki-shi, Kagawa 7-10-7

Phone: 0467-52-6118


Homepage (in Japanese): Kumazawa Brewing

Brewery Store: https://kuma.shop-pro.jp/?mode=cate&cbid=2463146&csid=0

Social Media: Twitter

Kumazawa Brewing Restaurants and Bars

Kumazawa Brewing also have a range of bars and restaurants that exclusively sell their beer, and from time-to-time, have drink-as-much-as-you want options going.

Kumazawa Brewing Articles

Articles about Kumazawa Brewing and bars can be found here:

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