Shonan Saison by Kumazawa Shuzo

Kazenori Merry Beer 3

Shonan Saison is a 5% saison from Kumazawa Shuzo, based in Kagawa, in Kanagawa, Japan. It’s part of their draft lineup and was first released in 2015.

Kazenori Merry Beer 3

Shonan Saison Aroma and Taste

Shonan Saison came up a straw yellow colour with a small amount of sticky white head on top – that I forgot to take the picture of! It had a dry Belgian yeast aroma with a faint sweet biscuit and a lemon nose coming off of it too.

The body to Shonan Saison started off dry, then a lemon flavour came through too. The malts brought a sweet biscuit base but it was not like an American saison – it’s almost as if someone had been drinking lots of Belgian saisons. Shonan Saison was fairly simple hop wise, with just a smidgen of lemon flavour coming through.

Shonan Saison The Bottom Line

Shonan Saison is a simple, well-made saison that’s worth trying.

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