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August Beer Lager by August Beer

by BeerTengoku Writer
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August Beer Club ‘B’ Hiroo is a particular favourite haunt of BeerTengoku and August Beer Lager is the bottled version of their draft beer. It’s a premium lager brewed in Gotemba Kogen. Sound familiar? It should do as Gotemba Kogen Beer also brew there so it’s unknown whether the two breweries are the same with the same beer in different packages. Hopefully not.

August Beer Lager

Finally, some bottled versions of their beers.

August Beer Lager Aroma and Taste

August Beer Lager poured out a very light golden straw colour with minimal head to it, a stark contrast from the draft beer we are used to at the bar. A shame really but that’s the life of a bottled craft beer versus the draft goodness. It isn’t the most potent of beers either with just an ever so slight grassy hoppy nose to it that reminds me of a Czech pilsner.

Drinkabilitywise, good old Ron Atkinson-ism there, August Beer Lager is smooth and crisp but doesn’t tantalise or tease the taste buds. At the end of a day, if you want a crisp beer then this is well suited to it but if you’re looking for something bursting with flavour, then the faint hops and malt will not be your calling. There wasn’t any aftertaste to note really and before I knew it, August Beer Lager had gone.

August Beer Lager One Line Review

August Beer Lager is a great example of draft over bottle. It’s an average lager really and not worth spending the extra money on just because it’s craft beer.


Where to Buy August Beer Lager

August Beer Lager can be bought on draft at the August Beer Club bars here. Moreover, other places in Tokyo, such as H@bit and Craftheads, stock it on draft from time to time. Bottles can be bought from the August Beer online store here else try World Beer Market here.

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