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Swan Lake Black IPA by Hyouko Yashiki No Mori Brewery

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Swan Lake Black IPA is a limited edition beer produced by Swan Lake and is usually labelled as B-IPA. There are a few reports that “B” stands for Belgium, Big, Bold, or even Brash, but it does mean Black. Swan Lake Black IPA is a cross between a traditional black lager with your usual IPA recipe which is achieved by using malts that are traditionally associated with stouts and schwarzbier.

Swan Lake Black IPA

It’s an IPA Jim but not as we know it.

Swan Lake Black IPA Aroma and Taste

Swan Lake Black IPA comes out black which considering the name, is a good thing. The only other black IPA I know of is Stone’s Self Righteous IPA, but that’s an 8+% beer. This beer ranks as one of the most opaque beers I’ve come across. The aroma coming off of Swan Lake Black IPA was weird; I could smell the citrusy, hoppy aroma I’ve come to expect from IPAs. However, the roasted malts with coffee and chocolate were unnerving. Is this an IPA or a schwarzbier?

Even when you drink it, Swan Lake Black IPA doesn’t immediately come across as either style. The IPA hoppiness comes through and the sharp immediacy of the tangy citrus flavour hits you. But just as soon as you get settled with the IPA, in comes the unmistakable coffee and chocolate flavours from the malts. This all blends together in a smoothness that caresses your mouth and throat. Swan Lake Black IPA finishes off with a dry bitter coffee hit that leaves a slight chalky texture.

Swan Lake Black IPA One-Line Review

Swan Lake Black IPA is a smooth, black IPA that does extremely well to balance the aromas and flavours.


Where to Buy Swan Lake Black IPA

Swan Lake Black IPA can be bought on the Swan Lake shop found on Rakuten here; however, we have not found it elsewhere besides the Keyaki Hiroba Beer Festival event back in September.

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