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Ajiwai Tenya by Tazawako Kohan no Mori

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One from the northern climes of Japan is this Ajiwai Tenya, which translates to “a taste of heavenly shores”. Brewed in a dunkel style which has its origins in Germany, this 5% beer is rarely found outside of Akita.

Ajiwai Tenya

Found in the darkest recesses of Akita, it’s escaped into the wild.

Ajiwai Tenya Aroma and taste

Ajiwai Tenya pours out a hazy dark brown colour that settles quickly into the glass, amber at the bottom and a dark brown at the top. It comes out of the bottle very quickly, hence the large, frothy head in the picture above. Ajiwai Tenya’s aroma is of rye and grain, with a good helping of caramel in the mix as well. The smells complement each other well and linger longingly on the nostrils.

This balance of aroma extends to the taste and body of the beer. Slightly on the thicker side, with the rye and grain taste again balancing each other well. There was no noticeable bitterness in the beer; however, there was also no noticeable aftertaste either. A shame really considering the build up to the end.

Ajiwai Tenya One-line review

Not a bad dunkel beer but Ajiwai Tenya lacks character besides the rye and grain flavours.


Where to buy Ajiwai Tenya

Queen’s Isetan seem to be the main sellers of Ajiwai Tenya so have a look at your local store.

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