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Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout by Reijin Shuzo

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Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout is the final addition to the Reijin Shuzo range of beers with the other two already reviewed; the alt here and the red here. This beer is brewed from a British recipe and is deemed to be a sweeter stout than usual. Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout is by no means a sweet stout, but compared to a Guinness it is a little sweeter.

Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout

Two glass testing. Got sent some special beer tasting glasses.

Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout Aroma and Taste

Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout pours out a dark brown, almost black colour and has a fairly lively head. I used a special stout glass for this, alongside a regular glass I use but the aroma was fairly noticeable anyway. It had the usual aromas of roasted malt and chocolate that you expect from a stout but with a slightly spicy nose to it as well. The sweetness came through too and reminded me of brown sugar and its subtle burnt edge to it.

The body of Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout was thinner than expected for a stout. Perhaps the sweetness had done this to the beer. I like my stouts thick and heavy. Not so much that they clog your throat but enough to weigh you down a bit. The texture resembled more of a dark lager than a stout while the sweetness came through again and didn’t really suit the thin body. Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout finished off with a dry, malty flavour that was too watery for my liking.

Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout One-Line Review

Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout is more of a schwarzbier than a stout. If you’re looking for a stout then best find something else.


Where to Buy Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout

Suwa Roman Kuroyuri Stout is pretty rare to find outside of Suwa, let alone, Nagano. The online store ishere but it can only be bought as part of a set.

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