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Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc by Hansharo Beer

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Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc is a 5% American wheat lager from Hansharo Beer, based in Shizuoka, Japan. Besides having a mess of a name, Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc is part of their limited edition bottle range and was first released in 2017 though there is no information about it on the Hansharo Blog or their shop page. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether this beer will make a reappearance in the future.

Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc

Wheat? Lager? American Wheat? Make up your mind!

Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc Aroma and Taste

Sorry but I really couldn’t get my head around the naming for this beer – Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc – with it being described as an American wheat lager on the side of the bottle. It had the aroma of a wheat beer – biscuity and slightly bananary – with hints of citrus hops for the American wheat part, but a lager? I guess if Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc had been dumped in a cave for a few months then sure, it’s been lagered. I guess the brewers made a beer without really much of an aim and have decided just to go the German way and put a lot of words together to make a new description for a beer.

With so many descriptive words going on, I didn’t really know what to expect from Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc, besides an overload of flavours and I failed – miserably. The wheat and banana aftertaste came through but Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc lacked the sweetness I expected from a lager. It was drinkable when chilled and as crisp warm when it was chilled but for something that promised so much, Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc ended being just an average wheaty lager, with a hint of bitterness

Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc The Bottom Line

Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc was a much of muchness really. Not exciting to get worked up about, nor was it a drain pour.


Where to Buy Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc

I bought my bottle of Hansharo Wheat Lager Blanc from Le Petit L’Ouest in Shimokitazawa.

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