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Ginga Kogen Weizen by Ginga Kogen

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I came across Ginga Kogen Weizen when I was stumbling around Yokohama and came across an alcohol store in Sogo department store. Ginga Kogen Weizen is a 5% hefeweizen that is neither pasteurized nor sterilised during the manufacturing process. Besides that, there isn’t much information about this beer either on the Ginga Kogen website nor elsewhere.

Ginga Kogen Weizen

A Hefeweizen that is heavy on the head.

Ginga Kogen Weizen Aroma & Taste

Ginga Kogen Weizen has a thick, hazy golden body that looks like some has dumped a load of fluff in, stuck it in a can, then poured out. The head was thick and plump but dissipated fairly slowly. Smells like someone has mashed up some bananas and added them along to the mash as well. Good job I like bananas really. Someone also added a splash of yeast to the mix as well, else Gina Kogen Weizen would have ended up as a banana milkshake at this rate.

Drinking Ginga Kogen Weizen is not much better as it leans towards more of the sweet side of weizens. Laced with the banana aroma as well as the taste, this beer comes off too sweet for my liking and I want it to end soon. The aftertaste was bitter with a smutter of dryness to it.

Ginga Kogen Weizen One-line Review

If you like your weizens sweet and bursting with bananas, then you can’t go wrong. Else try this one instead from Minoh beer instead.


Where to Buy Ginga Kogen Weizen

Ginga Kogen Weizen can be bought online at:

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