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Devilcraft Coconut Craze by Devilcraft Brewery

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Devilcraft Coconut Craze is a 12% imperial stout from Devilcraft Brewery, based outside of Shinagawa, in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range and can be found in both bottles and on tap at limited locations in Japan. As the name suggests, Devilcraft Coconut Craze is aged with coconut but also contains vanilla, though how long it was ages for is unknown at the time of writing.

Devilcraft Coconut Craze

Devilcraft Coconut Craze Aroma and Taste

Devilcraft Coconut Craze poured out a bitch black colour with an ever-so-slightly-off-white frothy head that slowly collapsed on itself to leave a thin ring of bubbles around the outside, and a thin layer of oil on top. The aroma was smooth and loaded. The coconut and vanilla were not as bold as expected, but they interplayed with each other nicely. Combined with the thick rick coffee and chocolate aromas, it reminded me somewhat of the Maui Imperial Coconut – one of my favourite beers of all time. Even though Devilcraft Coconut Craze clocks in at a whopping 12%, it certainly didn’t have the booziness of one, with the alcohol being well hidden both when chilled and when warmed up.

Devilcraft Coconut Craze, at 12%, is a sipper of a beer, though it can be drunk quickly as I found out. The flavours of coconut and vanilla are smooth and well balanced, with a light toasted note of coconut and a soothing vanilla flavour lingering on throughout the beer. As Devilcraft Coconut Craze warmed up, the coffee, chocolate, and cacao flavours propped up the body of the beer, that was thick and slick and luscious, which made it very easy to drink. As Devilcraft Coconut Craze warmed up though, the boozy heat just peeked through a little bit – not enough to burn your throat, but enough to remind you that it is a big beer for sipping. The aftertaste was a sutble nutty one with vanilla and the prototypical imperial stout flavours hanging around but not overpowering.


Devilcraft Coconut Craze The Bottom Line

Buy but don’t age. Drink now!

Where to Buy Devilcraft Coconut Craze

Devilcraft Coconut Craze can be bought online at the following places:

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