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Suwa Roman Rindou Alt by Reijin Shuzo

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Suwa Roman Rindou Alt is a 4% altbier produced in the Nagano region of Japan. I have to admit never having heard of this beer before someone gave it to me as a souvenir, so I was very apprehensive about drinking it. I was worried that Suwa Roman would turn out to be a dud like so many local beers that produced in Japan, such as Ohotsuku Blue.

Yatsugatake Roman

A local beer made in a temple brewery in deepest, darkest Japan.

Suwa Roman Rindou Alt Aroma and Taste

Suwa Roman Rindou Alt pours out a dark amber colour with an off-white head that slowly dissipates into a thin layer across the top of the beer. Smells like a cross between caramel, fruit, and a decent thick dosage of malt as well. The aroma isn’t that potent but the hefty dosage of malts may verge on off putting for some.

Suwa Roman Rindou Alt has a strong sweetness to the initial taste that is followed up by a caramel chaser that is let down by the thickness of the beer. It tastes like a barley wine, but the lacks the body to back up the taste so it feels like drinking a load of syrup mixed with some fizzy water. It is fairly easy drinking though so it could end up having more than one without realising.

Suwa Roman Rindou Alt One-Line Review

Suwa Roman Rindou Alt comes across as an alt and an amber and does neither of them well, doing neither of them well. Drink it if it’s cheap, else keep the money.


Where To Buy Suwa Roman Rindou Alt

Suwa Roman Rindou Alt is pretty rare to find outside of Suwa, let alone, Nagano. The online store is here but it can only be bought as part of a set.

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