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Shiga Kogen Porter by Tamamura Honten

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Another product of Tamamura Honten, Shiga Kogen Porter stealthed its way out of my fridge under cover of darkness and, with ninja-like reflexes, opened itself and emptied its contents skilfully into my glass. At least, that’s what I told my wife.


I mean, look at this thing. It’s obsidian. No light can escape it. It’s Tactical Espionage Beer. If the label didn’t have the bright blue circle on it, it would have remained unseen in my beer storage facility (a large cardboard box in the back of my cupboard) for who knows how long. And then I’d be down a review and Master Bright will put me in the Shed of Dread for the weekend.

Shiga Kogen Porter

The black hole of beers. Abandon all hope those that come near.

Shiga Kogen Porter Aroma and Flavour

Shiga Kogen Porter pours like, well, you know that experiment that’s been going on for something like 150 years [the pitch drop Joe, the pitch drop – Science Editor Rob], where a glob of bitumen slowly drips onto a glass plate at a rate of one drop every 40 years or so? Yeah, like that. I’ve instructed my great grandson to upload the photo once the glass is full. Hello, citizens of the future! I’ve had a lot of coffee today. Anyway. Shiga Kogen Porter is accompanied by a liquorice nose, slightly sweet. The taste is of coffee and roast malt, with a treacly sweet undercurrent and lactic aftertaste.


Shiga Kogen Porter One Line Review

Shiga Kogen Porter is totally alright. Inoffensive, but nothing special. Slink back to the shadows, you.

Where to Buy Shiga Kogen Porter

Shiga Kogen Porter can be bought online at the Tamamura Honten store here, or you can try craftbeers.jp here.

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