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Gotemba Kogen Pilsner by Gotemba Kogen

by Clancy Walker
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Gotemba Kogen Pilsner is one of Gotemba Kogen’s more popular beers and can be easily found across most of Japan as Queen Isetan stores tend to stock the bottled version. Gotemba Kogen Pilsner is another German style beer brewed in the Pils form and is available in both can or bottle form.

Gotemba Kogen Pilsner

A large beer is unusually for craft beers in Japan. Value for money?

Gotemba Kogen Pilsner Aroma and Taste

When poured the head is not overly dramatic. It’s creamy with individual bubbles being more distinguishable than most mainstream beers. Accompanying the head is a slight floral aroma. I also detected a faint whiff of banana but that may have just been me.

The flavour of Gotemba Kogen Pilsner is fairly inoffensive but not exactly inspiring. No one flavour stands out over the other but its bitterness lingers on the tongue a little longer than I was expecting. As the flavours of this beer are not too extreme it has a refreshing quality that would suit beers with mates around the BBQ or, as mentioned earlier, as an entry point to the craft beer scene.


At 5.5%, Gotemba Kogen Pilsner is not overly alcoholic and with a price tag of just over ¥500 for a 500 ml bottle it strikes me as a low risk beer for people seeking something other than the regular fare.

Gotemba Kogen Pilsner One-line Review

If you are somebody who is interested in entering the world of craft beer but don’t think you’re ready for the more prominent flavours that those beers usually possess then Gotenba Kogen Pilsner is probably the beer for you.

Where to Buy Gotemba Kogen Pilsner

Gotemba Kogen Pilsner can be bought in Queen’s Isetan stores and Minemarts across Japan. If you can’t find it in a store, then you buy it on the Gotemba Kogen online store here.


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