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Minamishinshu Christmas Ale by Minamishinshu Beer

by BeerTengoku Writer
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Minamishinshu Christmas Ale is a 7.5% English strong ale from Minamishinshu Beer Company that is part of their winter seasonal range. It’s released in November time, just in time for the bonenkai season drinking seasons where you can forget those problems you had at work. It can be found in both bottles and on tap though we opted for the tap version of this one as it’s easier to find.

Minamishinshu Christmas Ale

Warming and malty. Could do with some more Christmas kick though.

Minamishinshu Christmas Ale Aroma and Taste

For some reason, I went along to Babel Bayside Kitchen for a couple of afternoon beers – there aren’t many places open for post-lunch or pre-dinner drinking in Japan, something along the lines of “trying to discourage alcoholism” according to someone close to BeerTengoku. I was hoping for some special beers and when they said the other one (Outsider Innkeeper Bitter Lager) was off, then it was an easy choice.

Minamishinshu Christmas Ale poured out a deep orange colour that had a hint of brown to it. There was a strong aroma of caramel malts to it as well as some fruit to it but there was a distinct lack of Christmas to it. Perhaps I was expecting too much from it but there was no cinnamon, or cloves, or nutmeg, or anything else that could be perceived as being part of Christmas.

The malt theme carries on through to the body with the caramel sweetness being the strongest flavour throughout drinking along with a subtle bitterness to it. Minamishinshu Christmas Ale almost remind me of a boozy orange cake as it warmed up during drinking as the 7.5% abv came through more-and-more with some honey flavours and a roasted taste to it. It had a slight bitter finish to it that dissipated fairly quickly though.


Minamishinshu Christmas Ale One Line Review

Minamishinshu Christmas Ale is an interesting take on an English strong ale but it’s far from being a Christmas ale due to the lack of spices and kick to it.

Where to Buy Minamishinshu Christmas Ale

Minamishinshu Christmas Ale can be bought online from the following places:

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