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Voyager Brewing Information

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Voyager Brewing is a craft beer brewery located in Tanabe city, in Wakayama prefecture in Japan. Voyager Brewing that started brewing beer in October 2016 but actually opened in 2015 once all the equipment from Canada had been sourced and brought over. The brewery uses Canadian and German malt and hops from America, Germany, and Czech Republic and uses water locally known as “Kishu Kumano’s Life Water” that comes from the deep underground Kishu Kumanoyama system. If you hadn’t guessed, the name stems from the Voyager space probes that are still travelling outwards across the universe.

Also of note is the headbrewer Koji-san is from the local Nanki Shirahama, and is a veteran brewer with over 20 years of beer brewing history. In 1997, he founded “Nagisa Beer” in Shirahama Town with his brother and also in collaboration with Kazuya Manabe.

Voyager Brewing Main Lineup

The following beers are part of Voyager Brewing’s all-year round lineup.

  • Voyager Copper – a 5% amber ale that was the first beer they made.
  • Voyager Gold – a 5% golden ale that was the second beer brewed.
  • Voyager IPA – a 6.5% English IPA that was first released in 2018.

Voyager Brewing Main Lineup

We’ll add to this list as we try some more of their beers.


Voyager Brewing Details

Address: Uenoyama 1-9-20, Tanabe, Wakayama

Phone: 0739-34-3305


Online Store:

SNS: Facebook / Instagram

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