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Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter by Yo-Ho Brewing

by Rob
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Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter is a 5% porter based not on a Tokyo recipe as the name suggests, rather an American style porter instead with a hint of English porter style thrown in as well. It is an award-winning beer from Yo-Ho brewery at the world beer championships. Reasonably priced as well at ¥280 per can. Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter is also marketed under the Shinshu Natural Porter name.

Yo-Ho Tokyo Black
Shinshu Natural Porter

Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter Aroma and Taste

Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter was surprisingly lively as can be seen in the picture. It took me but surprise how much head was produced from this beer; however, it meant the aroma of the beer filled the air. A lovely smell of roasted malts with a slightly nutty twang wafted around and pleasantly lingered.

Once it had settled, the body was pitch black with a nice creamy head. The body was smoky alongside subtle flavours of chocolate and coffee. The aftertaste was malty and stuck around for a while. Fairly light and at 5%, it goes down well.

Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter One-line review

Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter is not the best porter I’ve had, but a good surprise that I would have again.


Where to buy Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter

Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter can be picked up from most department stores as it’s quite widely available now. Queen’s Isetan, Seijo Ishii, and specialist alcohol stores all have this in stock.

Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter Second Opinion

I think Rob and I must have been drinking a different drink. Honestly, compared to Aooni or Yona Yona, this porter is surprisingly tame. It pours thick, true, but the roast malt nose is barely apparent and the head is a bubbly rather than creamy one. As usual, there’s the roast malt taste that lingers, and the cheesy lurking undertone, but the most in-your-face aspect of this is the somewhat obnoxious carbonation. The signature meaty mouth feel is there, but the face-kickitude characterised by Aooni is sadly absent.

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