Shonan Beer by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer by Kumazawa Brewing

Kumazawa Brewing is a small, but well known, sake producer in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, about 45 minutes south of Tokyo. Kumazawa Brewing first started making sake in 1872 although Kanagawa was a strange choice, the local Tanzawa mountain range is famous for fresh spring water. However, you probably know Kumazawa Brewing for their range of craft beer under the guise of …


Mokichi Craft Beer in Fujisawa

Mokichi Craft Beer

Yeast. One of the best fungi ever discovered and something that contributes to two staple pieces of our diet: beer and bread. Without yeast, beer and bread would still be possible but would probably taste lame. Mokichi Craft Beer knows this and sells bread alongside the range of Shonan Beers. In fact, it only sells Shonan Beers, as Mokichi Craft …

Shonan Barley Wine by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan barley wine

So, after my disappointment with Baird West Coast Wheat Wine¬†(reviewed here), I approached Shonan Barley Wine with trepidation. It is one of Kumazawa Brewing’s regular beers, though, and I’ve tried it a few times before, most recently in a two-hour nomihodai extravaganza at Mokichi in Fujisawa. So I knew what to expect. Kind of. Who knows what the bottled version …