Shonan IPA by Kumazawa Shuzo

Shonan IPA

Shonan IPA is a 6% American style IPA from Kumazawa Shuzo, based in Chigasaki. Unlike the rest of the Shonan Beer range of experimental IPAs, Shonan IPA is part of their annual release of seasonal craft beers with this one coming out in winter time. However, unlike the experimental range of IPAs, this one is a mix of hops that don’t …


Shonan IPA HBC 342 by Kumazawa Shuzo

Shonan IPA HBC 342

Shonan IPA HBC 342 is a limited edition 6% American IPA from Kumazawa Shuzo, based in Chigasaki, Kanagawa. It uses the one of the newest breeds of hops on the market, strain HBC 342 from Hopunion, which is so new that it doesn’t have a name yet. At the time of writing, it’s available on tap only so you have …

Shonan Lemongrass Hopper by Kumazawa Brewing

Sakura Taps Beer 2

If you’ve been following BeerTengoku on Facebook or Twitter (pssst we’ve even got Instagram but we’re not hip enough to know how to use it properly), then you would have known we’ve drunk Shonan Lemongrass Hopper twice; once at Sakura Taps Craft Beer and Coffee and also at Burger Mania in Ebisu. Shonan Lemongrass Hopper is, at the time of writing, a draught-only …


Mokichi Trattoria in Kagawa, Kanagawa

Mokichi Trattoria Outside Main

After our extensive trip around the Shonan Beer brewery, we were pretty hungry and fancied some grub. The problem though was did we fancy some bread or a proper meal with some beer? Stupid question really and off we went to Mokichi Trattoria, located on the site of the brewery and the best place to get the freshest Shonan Beer going. …


Shonan Beer Interview at Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Awards

Not many people will be aware that Shonan Beer, brewed by Kumazawa Brewing, is actually an offshoot of a sake brewery located in the middle of nowhere. Found in Kagawa, about ten minutes north of Chigasaki on the Sagami Line, Kumazawa Brewing has been around for over 140 years, though it’s only since 1996 that they have been brewing Shonan …

Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White

Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White is a seasonal beer from Kumazawa Brewing that packs local oranges into a small refined substance of 5% Belgian witbier. It’s one of those beers from Kumazawa Brewing that is not available at all of their bars, but some of their bars and it’s unknown whether that will change. I had it on my trip to …

Shonan Beer Golden Ale by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Golden Ale

Shonan Beer Golden Ale is a 5% top fermented beer that is available all year round though the bottles can only be bought at Kumazawa Brewing’s restaurants and bars it seems. It is usually found in the regular Shonan Beer style of labelling though I couldn’t resist buying this one and walking around Fujisawa with it in the side compartment of …

Shonan Beer Pilsner by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Pilsner

Shonan Beer Pilsner is one of the stalwarts of the Shonan Beer range but in the past, I’ve usually avoided buying it as regular readers will know that Japan has pilsners left, right, and centre on sale, so I try to find other styles of beers instead. This bottle of Shonan Beer Pilsner was a present from a friend who knows …

Shonan Beer Belgian Stout by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Belgian Stout

During a recent visit to Mokichi in Fujisawa with the family, I noticed there were some “new” bottles in the takeaway fridge, that is this Shonan Beer Belgian Stout I say “new” because I didn’t see them last time I was there. There were a couple of other, what shall I say, risque labels too on show but more of …

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter by Kumazawa Brewing

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter

Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter is Kumazawa Brewing’s annual release for the male-orientated Valentine’s Day in Japan (long story and unfortunately it’s not going to be explained why on BeerTengoku). It can be found on sale from around early January though on a visit to Mokichi, Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter was nowhere to be found in bottle form, just on tap. …