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Shonan Beer Belgian Stout by Kumazawa Brewing

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During a recent visit to Mokichi in Fujisawa with the family, I noticed there were some “new” bottles in the takeaway fridge, that is this Shonan Beer Belgian Stout I say “new” because I didn’t see them last time I was there. There were a couple of other, what shall I say, risque labels too on show but more of that later. Shonan Beer Belgian Stout. It’s a cross between a Belgian ale and an imperial stout it seems and weighs in at 7.5%. Apparently, or so I was led to believe, it is available all-year round.

Shonan Beer Belgian Stout

Look at how deep brown that head is. Jeez.

Shonan Beer Belgian Stout Aroma and Taste

Shonan Beer Belgian Stout may have had one of the deepest colour heads I’ve even seen. That picture really doesn’t do it justice but it was browner than most brown ales are and that’s saying something. It was frothy and creamy though it did fade away in the end to a slightly off-white colour. It smelt like a schwarz beer, with notes of roasted malt and pine but then Shonan Beer Belgian Stout changed to something else with some coffee and chocolate aromas going on as well. On the whole, it smelt like a damned good mocha coffee someone had made up.

With the creamy head, I expected some creaminess in the body too though there was a hint of lactoey cheese going on too. Not unpleasant but a little strange. The Belgian yeast made Shonan Beer Belgian Stout lighter in the mouth as sometimes stouts can be on the heavy side. The smoky flavour punctuated in at the end as if to say “hey, don’t forget about me!”, and finished off dry with the luscious chocolate flavour clinging on to the tastebuds.

Shonan Beer Belgian Stout One Line Review

I don’t know if it’s possible but get Shonan Beer Belgian Stout by any means how. An amazing stout that deserves a place in everyone’s fridge.


Where to Buy Shonan Beer Belgian Stout

We picked up our bottle of Shonan Beer Belgian Stout from Mokichi in Fujisawa though other Kumazawa Brewing restaurants do stock it, such as S-46 Beer Market. We haven’t seen it anywhere else though, even on their online store. A great shame.

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