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Shonan Weizen by Kumazawa Brewing

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Shonan Weizen is a 5% hefeweizen from Kumazawa Brewing that is, most surprisingly, a spring seasonal beer from them rather than part of their all-year round range of beers. There is a distinct lack of information about it on the Kumazawa Brewing homepage and their Shonan Weizenbock seems to bring up more results in Japanese and in English when I tried to find more information about it. When Shonan Weizen is on sale, it can be found in both bottles and on tap though, like the rest of the Shonan Beer range, it’s probably easier to find that needle in a haystack than this on sale.

Shonan Weizen

Big fluffy head punctuated by some aromas.

Shonan Weizen Aroma and Taste

I picked up this bottle of Shonan Weizen at Kumazawa Brewing’s annual Oktoberfest event at their brewery – why it was on sale in October was beyond me considering that it is, traditionally, a springtime release from them. It was nice enough on tap so finding it in bottled form to bring home was a bonus.

Shonan Weizen poured out with a massive amount of fluffy white head. This was one lively beer from start to finish. It was surprisingly clear for a hefeweizen. I was expecting a cloudiness to it but it was mostly condensation on the side on the glass that hindered a decent camera shot of the light straw-like colour of the body. There was a meagre amount of banana and clove aroma coming off of it but nothing offensive nor overpowering. A shame after such a great start from the pour.

Unfortunately, Shonan Weizen didn’t get going in the body either as it felt that the flavours had either been muted or subdued. While the expected wheat flavour was present, the expected banana flavour was far more subdued the draft version – perhaps the bottling process had oxidised the flavours? It finished off with an interesting sour flourish which wasn’t unwelcome but led me to believe that this bottle had perhaps reached the end of its life?


Shonan Weizen One Line Review

I liked the draft version of Shonan Weizen but the bottled version seemed lacking in comparison. Try it on tap first then bottle if you can.

Where to Buy Shonan Weizen

Shonan Weizen can be bought at the following places online when it’s on sale in Spring:

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