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Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White by Kumazawa Brewing

by Rob
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Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White is a seasonal beer from Kumazawa Brewing that packs local oranges into a small refined substance of 5% Belgian witbier. It’s one of those beers from Kumazawa Brewing that is not available at all of their bars, but some of their bars and it’s unknown whether that will change. I had it on my trip to Kumazawa Brewing for a tour and interview and picked up a couple of bottles to bring home. Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White is a collaboration between a local NPO Seisho Asobu who harvest local mandarin oranges from the Oiso area, located along the coast of the Shonan bay.

Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White

It’s a Belgian white with extra oranges thrown in.

Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White Aroma and Taste

This was not the first time that I’ve had Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White so it was no surprise that it poured out with a strong aroma of sweet mandarin tartness along with an after aroma of fermenting yeast. There was still sediment in the bottom of the bottle after the beer had been poured out so I suspect my ineptitude of pouring beers struck again on this one. The body was a bright golden colour almost resembling the mandarin oranges used in the brew and was topped off with a frothy white head that left a creamy taste on the tongue.

The tart mandarin oranges imparted a good level of sweetness followed up with a little bitterness that lingered on the palate. While the orange taste was strong in Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White, the coriander punch was also present along with a decent amount of wheat follow through. Adding fruit to beers tends to worry me in Japan; it’s usually done to such an extreme that it is overpowering and kills the flavours of the other ingredients, or adds nothing to the beer and is meaningless. It veered towards the first but quickly lurched back to the middle and its refreshing kick meant that it was quickly consumed with disregard.

Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White One Line Review

Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White is well worth buying, if you can find it.


Where to Buy Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White

I got my bottle of Shonan Beer Oiso Kotatsu Mikan Belgian White from Mokichi Craft Beer in Fujisawa.

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